Tree Removal

Tree removal service in residential and built up areas do tend to represent a challenge. Trees in neighbourhoods often are surrounded by buildings and other structures including other trees. Whatever size job the Tree removal is, may require careful dismantling by highly skilled and trained tree service personnel. It is also important to recognise that using and operating the correct tools for the job properly is paramount to the safety of the individuals and that of your property. The tools and equipment that should be used are determined by a number of factors. Access, landscape, surroundings, weather and the condition of the tree and its branch structure. Removal of a tree can be done in a number of ways, however they are really divided into 2 main sets. The first is a dismantle, where the branches are removed in a staged process and lowered safetly to the ground for logging and or chipping. If there is room and safety permits, the classic “lumberjack” tree take down or tree felling can be adopted. In many cases a tree stump may be left, if this needs to be removed we can also do the stump grinding service as well. This will be discussed and quoted for before the job starts.

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