Stump Removal

Stump Grinding
When trees are cut down to ground level or above, they leave a “tree stump” where nothing can grow except mushrooms and shoots from the still living root system. Our stump grinder is a very versatile machine and will tackle all sizes of stump. the grinder will fit though any gate of 22 inches, 56 cm or if necessary will fit though any front door.

Stump Poisoning
Sometimes it is not possible to grind out a stump because it may be too far in a hedge for example, which would mean removing some of the hedge roots. In this case we would started by cutting the tree stump down to ground level and then we cut a ring into the growing ring and apply the poison. We would then cut a 1 inch thick disk off the old stump and place it on top of the poisoned stump to stop the rain washing the poison away.

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