Fence Foliage

A fairly common problem in the garden is fencing becoming damaged by foliage that has grown up over time and become overgrown. The weight of the foliage can bring down fences and damage them and potentially damage property.

This is particularly common in high winds and storms. The weight of the foliage on the fence adds greater force and can result in the fence coming down.

At Sussex and Surrey tree Services we recommend that ornamental foliage is pruned and kept regularly maintained to avoid any excessive weight on the fence. If it gets too busy or overgrown then you may want to think about removing the foliage completely to save the fence from damage. Check the fence posts for damage or excessive movement at this is a great sign to see if you need immediate action, and repair will always be cheaper than replacement.

If you have overgrown foliage affecting your fencing and would like a free quote on a remedy on removing or pruning, then please give us a call or contact us.

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